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1970's Tribute Band


Stone Groove is a six piece rock tribute band that pays homage to the great music of the 1970's.

The band consists of Bass, Drums, Keys and two Guitars with three Lead Vocals + Backups.

Covering a wide variety of musical groups, we strive to bring popular and recognizable material to the stage. We cover many musical styles with roots in rock. Please see our song list for specifics. 

Our stage show encompasses fun trivia and 

memorabilia from the era. We enjoy engaging with our audience and ensuring a good time is had by all. 


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Ed Kurzenberger - Guitar / Vocals 

Ed is originally from the Buckeye State, where he was born and lived for the majority of his life.  At the age of 10, he became fascinated with the guitar.  This interest in the guitar naturally developed into a love for rock music in the late ’60’s into the ’70’s and beyond.  He played in cover rock bands through high school and college.  


Once out of college, Ed spent the next 40 years in business finance in a number of different industries, but never lost interest in the guitar, playing it mostly as a hobby.  Retirement brought Ed to Upstate South Carolina, where he spends a good portion of his time enjoying music and getting back into playing in bands.

George Fiori - Bass Guitar

George has been playing music since… forever. He started with the saxophone in middle school, went on to playing bugle in a drum and bugle corps during High School, which is where he learned to play bass guitar. Originally from the northeast, George moved to upstate South Carolina in the late 70s.


The list of SC bands that George has been a part of is way too numerous to completely mention, but the highlights are Grandfather Rock (classic rock), Strider Lee (southern rock and originals), The Rick E. Godfrey Band (originals), Mile Marker 0 (variety), MASSIVE (hard rock), O’Neal Township (variety), Sinnerville Saints (classic rock), and the Ned Lucas Band (classic rock and originals).

Greg Florin - Drums

Greg started playing when he was nine and continued through high school in marching and concert bands, orchestras, drum corps and community theatre (still active today). He even got to march in the 1972 Olympics. He started playing in bars and clubs at 16 and made a living at it until age 26 when life got in the way.


After playing on and off for many years, Greg began playing in a church band, then came back full time to his favorite genre, what is now "Classic Rock".  He continues to tour nationally with "War Bonds" with his wife Julie. Fun Fact: Greg builds his own drum kits. 


Julie (FloJo) Florin - Keys / Vocals

Julie has been grooving on the keys since she was 8, playing in bands and ensembles of all styles.  While still teaching theatre and chorus, she can be found music directing in Upstate theatres. She recently ventured out from behind the keyboard, and was seen on stage as Tanyain “Mamma Mia” with Market Theatre in Anderson. And no, her mother does not know.


Although trained classically on piano, with her MM in organ, Julie has enjoyed playing in church bands and classic rock cover bands, where she has expanded her improvisational skills. Even though we are paying tribute to the 70’s in this band, Julie continues to enjoy channeling her 1940’s self, performing with Ebzb Productions in “War Bonds: The Songs and Letters of WWII” for almost 20 years.

Truly Magyar - Vocals 

Truly grew up in the 70's in Marietta, GA, where she loved to sport her pink satin "Roller Disco" jacket at Sparkles roller rink as often as possible.  When she wasn't there, you could often find her enjoying the music of Rockafire Explosion at Showbiz Pizza.


She has been a lifelong professional dancer (including a magician's assistant), and actress.  She can be seen in episodes of Criminal Minds, This Is Us and Shameless.  And even though this is her first time singing in a rock band, she has been singing since age three in musical theatre. Rock on!

Zander Villayne (Z-Ville) - Vocals / Guitar

Z-Ville is a Musician and Actor as well as an award winning Film Director and Producer. From the Midwest where summers were spent swimming in Quarries wearing jean shorts that would be illegal now, he developed his love for music and playing guitar. 

In addition to being in various bands, he has also owned recording studios in both Minneapolis and Los Angeles where he produced and recorded many bands. Calling South Carolina home and loving every minute of it, he is proud to be performing in this latest adventure. Stone Groove!

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